Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Epson TM T88V Receipt Printer

Nowadays, the receipt printer is so common, so omnipresent, that one can hardly imagine a world without it. Aside from a few eccentric examples, nearly every retail store has a receipt printer for its day-to-day operations and prints out a receipt with every transaction. Consequently, these retail stores need efficient and reliable receipt printers to shoulder the responsibility of producing hundreds and sometimes thousands of receipts everyday.

So, the social media branch of has decided to put a spotlight on one of its most popular and quick-off-the-shelves products: the Epson TM T88V Receipt Printer. When it comes to the actual printing, this printer is the best in the industry; at 300mm per second, the T88V is 50% faster than its predecessor - the T88IV - and leaves other printers in its wake - it's the first printer to offer 16 levels of gray scale to ensure crisp and clear graphics.

Receipt printers are used with every transaction; for a budding business, that could mean hundreds of times a day. Rather than lose money through something as inane as faulty receipt printers, retail stores should consider the Epson TM T88V Receipt Printer because of its downright incredible reliability. Specifically, this printer will churn out 70 million lines of print before failure and has an autocutter life of 2 million cuts. The Epson TM T88V Receipt Printer also saves money by being energy efficient; by meeting the ENERGY STAR requirements, this printer is the only POS thermal receipt printer that is ENERGY STAR qualified. Quite simply, this printer is the best in its class when it comes to speed, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Because of the exceptional credentials, is showcasing the Epson TM T88V Receipt Printer that is second to none in the receipt printer industry. At just over $280 (free shipping!), we offer the best price on one of the best products out there. On top of that, we have a world class customer service team that is willing to tailor your order to your needs. If you're setting up a retail store or just need a receipt printer to run your business, shop at to find what's best for you.

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