Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How Handheld Computers can Better Business

Handheld computers are able to improve how businesses provide service and care to their customers. Whether you provide point of sale or point of care services, easy to use devices like handheld computers are equipped with multifunctional data collection and communication capabilities. Everything you and your employees need to provide exceptional service and care to your customers can be right in the palm of your hand.

Parcel delivery services such as FedEx and UPS deliver hundreds of thousands of packages in the United States alone daily. Like these large delivery service providers, using a handheld computer makes it possible to track information and provide customers with service and information needed. It's possible to store and collect data to track packages and customer information all one one device.

Increase your workers productivity through providing innovations that increase connectivity for field services. Handheld computers enable workers to stay connected to important resources and information for accomplishing more tasks. Field technicians for example, are able to create notifications and service orders, access customer service records update their work status and much more all with the use of a handheld computer device.

Using a handheld computer can increase the productivity and efficiency of your business. Accomplish more and extend improved services to your customers through implementing easy to use electronic devices like handheld computers. You'll experience better business through using handheld computers.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Touch Screens Evolving Electronic Devices

Today there are a number of electronic devices that feature an easy to use touch screen. Anyone purchasing a new cellphone is aware of how touch screen technology has been revolutionizing cellphone production. Not only has touch screen technology had a massive effect on cellphones, but computer monitors, USB interfaces and kiosk monitors are all using the technology as well.

There are a number of ways that touch screen monitors are beneficial to businesses and for individual use. Anyone who owns a touch screen electronic device is aware of their convenient, user-friendly capabilities. There seems to be a reason why smartphones are using the technology, because it too is indeed smart.

Touch screen monitors have allowed businesses to provide their customers with increased customer service and shopping experiences. Many businesses have been using touch screen monitors to complete transactions. Everything the customer needs is right in front of them, from the charges and prices to the payment options for completing their transaction.

Mac and PC have both designed computers that utilize touch screen technology as well. Their touch screen monitors elimiate desk clutter and the issues that can come from plug-in tools. Not only is touch screen technology more convenient, it is also much more practical as well.

If you are thinking of ways to provide customers with better service or just for more convenient ways of operation, take advantage of the many benefits that touch screen devices provide.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Touch Screen Benefits Health Industry

As technology continues to advance, many industries grasp on to the latest equipment to improve efficiency and business. Hospitals are especially are turning to new technologies to improve accuracy in order to operate and provide proper care for patients. And today, touch screens are becoming well-known in hospitals because of their benefits for both patients and providers.

For starters, since it's a touch screen, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals can simply operate the system with the touch of a rubber glove or stylus. Since hospitals are a fast-paced environment, medical personnel want to focus more time on patients than a computer system. A touch screen provides fast and easy access as compared to a mouse and a keyboard.

Touch screens are also used for devices such as electronic medical records (EMR) in which a patient's complete list of information is kept. No need to scroll through paper or scroll on your mouse when you can simply access information with the touch of your finger. Touch screens can be installed in each room or unit in a hospital. Touch screens also prevent against spills or leaks which hospitals frequently experience due to sterilization or sprays when prepping for a surgery or cleaning.

And it's not just a matter of a safer and faster practice, but patient comfort, especially for children. Regardless of age, hospitals don't always appear thrilling or make us feel at home. But, children especially feel trapped inside a hospital. They want to stay in contact with friends, be active and not feel required to lie in bed all day long. The Alfred I DuPont Institute Children's Hospital in Delaware replaced old televisions in outpatient units and the emergency department with bedside touch screens featuring video games, Internet access and educational medical programming for younger patients, in addition to standard television. It's no longer a hospital bed, but a child's bedroom.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making Business Convenient with Touch Screen Technology

Technology has revolutionized how business is being done and given business owners the ability to save time and money by implementing various tools into their work. The touchscreen has made using a computer even more convenient, eliminating unnecessary inputs and clearing desk space. Not only does the touch screen cutback on clutter, but is also easier to operate and functions faster. Here are a few reasons on why to consider upgrading to a touch screen monitor.

First, the touch screen is more convenient than using a basic monitor, keyboard and mouse. Most personal laptops today come with a built-in mouse on the pad because of the inconvenience of using the input mouse and pad. Business flows at a different, much faster pace today and it's important to save time on tasks. The touch screen monitor increases the rate at which you can operate the computer, allowing you to accomplish more.

Next, they save desk space. The desk is often your only workspace available. Using a touch screen eliminates clutter on your desk and space taken up by the nearly obsolete mouse. Implementing the touch screen monitor is the perfect way to make your desk space more function-able for work.

Finally, the touch screen monitor is easier to operate than your basic monitor. Everything you need to use is right in front of you, there is no longer the need for inputs. The use of onscreen keyboards and other assist technology makes it simple for even the most novice computer user to operate. Whether you are upgrading from your old computer or finally getting a computer for your office, touch screen monitors and other POS services make business more convenient.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Six Benefits of Video Security

Business owners covet video security.  For a small investment, a number of advantages are within reach for brick and mortar stores.  Even the mere thought of video security deters potential thefts from occurring; that is why some business owners place fake cameras around their store, creating the illusion of owning a security system.  Read about the six benefits of installing a system in your store.

Video security systems eliminate the potential of internal theft.  You may think you know an employee well, yet you may be surprised to know the things people are willing to do when they believe no one is looking.  Whether you tell your employees about the established security measures or not, the occurrence of internal theft will drop or the likelihood of an owner catching internal thieves will rise.

When you own a store, you become susceptible to possible law suits.  Customers may slip and fall or get hurt by one of your products.  Unfortunately, not all claims against a store are completely genuine; often, people attempt to make fraudulent claims against vulnerable businesses.  Installing video security ensures the ‘truth’ of the matter is caught on tape and revealed to proper authorities.

Let’s face it – people act differently when they know they’re being watched.  Video surveillance systems increase employee productivity.  It’s too easy for employees to shirk duties; the very thought of not knowing what is going on may increase the anxiety of absent store owners.  Installing surveillance products and having the potential to review previous tape strikes fear in employees and dramatically decreases thoughts or actions of worker inefficiency.

Shoplifting is a problem for many shop owners.  Depending on store layout, it may be difficult to keep a close watch on all customers.  In addition, viewing customers with suspicion creates a negative atmosphere.  With video security, an owner can relax and treat all customers as if they have good intentions until otherwise proven.  Surveillance greatly increases happy climates throughout brick and mortar stores.

Training involves workers learning what to do.  Video security can help with training by showing employees what to do, and in some cases, what not to do as well.  There is a learning curve for new employees, yet seeing what is expected from the start, greatly helps them meet expectations.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Handheld Computers Benefit School Nurses

Today handheld computers are becoming more popular and beneficial for endless reasons. The portable device fits conveniently in ones hand to be taken wherever. A person can access the Internet, take notes, read documents and keep track of dates, times and meetings. In addition, you have a digital contact book and you can exchange documents with another person. 

Schools are heavily relying on handheld computers for students to use for educational purposes, such as reading class material, taking quizzes or tests, and for assignments. Also, teachers have the convenience of scheduling to-dos and priorities for the day. However, teachers and students aren't the only ones in schools using handheld computers. School nurses are benefiting from the use of this technology as well. 

School nurses take on the role of the health care professional. Their office is like a mini emergency room for students to attend to in need of care from accidents or injuries, whether a scrapped knee or high fever. But, today school nurses need fast access to information for healthcare purposes. Since these nurses wok in schools with myriad students, they are required to deliver a high amount of care. Even if students are well, they may still have clinical needs. And that's where the increasing amount of handheld computers comes into play. 

School nurses need to document and track all visits by students, as well as keep track of students who must take certain medications during certain times or the day. Handheld computers can hold documents, making it easier for a nurse to access records as compared to paper-filed desks. Nurses hold information regarding student visits, medication, immunizations and screenings. This allows for nurses to spend more time concentrating on caring for a student as compared to documenting a visit. 

Also, the Internet provides school nurses for vital information, which a handheld computer is able to retrieve. Many websites have valuable information important for school nurses to understand. Government websites state regulations concerning school nurses and online resources giving school nurses access to medical information, such as drug databases.

With a handheld computer, a school nurse has communication and information resources at her fingertips.