Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Handheld Computers Benefit School Nurses

Today handheld computers are becoming more popular and beneficial for endless reasons. The portable device fits conveniently in ones hand to be taken wherever. A person can access the Internet, take notes, read documents and keep track of dates, times and meetings. In addition, you have a digital contact book and you can exchange documents with another person. 

Schools are heavily relying on handheld computers for students to use for educational purposes, such as reading class material, taking quizzes or tests, and for assignments. Also, teachers have the convenience of scheduling to-dos and priorities for the day. However, teachers and students aren't the only ones in schools using handheld computers. School nurses are benefiting from the use of this technology as well. 

School nurses take on the role of the health care professional. Their office is like a mini emergency room for students to attend to in need of care from accidents or injuries, whether a scrapped knee or high fever. But, today school nurses need fast access to information for healthcare purposes. Since these nurses wok in schools with myriad students, they are required to deliver a high amount of care. Even if students are well, they may still have clinical needs. And that's where the increasing amount of handheld computers comes into play. 

School nurses need to document and track all visits by students, as well as keep track of students who must take certain medications during certain times or the day. Handheld computers can hold documents, making it easier for a nurse to access records as compared to paper-filed desks. Nurses hold information regarding student visits, medication, immunizations and screenings. This allows for nurses to spend more time concentrating on caring for a student as compared to documenting a visit. 

Also, the Internet provides school nurses for vital information, which a handheld computer is able to retrieve. Many websites have valuable information important for school nurses to understand. Government websites state regulations concerning school nurses and online resources giving school nurses access to medical information, such as drug databases.

With a handheld computer, a school nurse has communication and information resources at her fingertips.