Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Datalogic Magellan 8400 High Performance Scanner

From local grocery stores to massive wholesale clubs, scanner scales are ubiquitous in communities across America. Omni-directional laser scanning allows for rapid fire reading of bar codes, an obvious necessity for fast-paced grocery store lines. Plus, the durable body of scanner scales offer retailers long-lasting bar code readers that more easily weather the wear and tear of day-to-day use than regular handheld scanners. Scanner scales are reliable, efficient, and dependable - an absolute must for operational productivity.

Thus, POSGlobal.com is proud to offer the Datalogic Magellan 8400 High Performance Scanner at a reduced price. At just over $1,600 (free shipping!), the Magellan 8400 Scanner is one of Datalogic's newest releases for its esteemed Magellan scanner scale product line. Often touted as the "highest performing 5-sided POS scanner available," the Magellan 8400 boasts remarkably high first-pass read rates that bolster its efficiency and performance on the more difficult to read labels. Included in its design is the compact, sealed scan engine that significantly reduces the number of working parts while better protecting against the moisture and dust that can slowly deteriorate the efficacy of the machine. Moreover, the single motor design offers more reliability than a multi-motor design while concurrently lowering energy costs. As an added bonus, this scanner scale supports the new GSI DataBar symbology, which is useful for small items and produce. Clearly, the Datalogic Magellan 8400 High Performance Scanner is the best in its class in the point-of-sale market because of its second-to-none credentials and outstanding performance.

As for the mechanics of the scale, the Magellan 8400 Scanner includes a patented All-Weighs Scale Platter that combines both horizontal and vertical weighing surfaces. This unique design puts the Magellan 8400 Scanner at the leading edge in its class when it comes to transaction times. Datalogic's newest scanner scale excels in both of its functions, making it one of the best choices for supermarkets and other large stores seeking to acquire scanners for their checkout lines.

POSGlobal.com is always trying to help out its customers, and the recent popularity of the Datalogic Magellan 8400 High Performance Scanner has led us to believe that a reduced price would be most beneficial for those buying from us. If you're looking to purchase scanner scales for your retail store, then come shop at POSGlobal.com, where you'll find friendly customer service, fast & free shipping, and the most up-to-date line of products.

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