Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Elo 1515L LCD Touchmonitor

From businesses to personal computers, touchmonitors have left an indelible impact on our increasingly technology-driven society. They remove desk clutter and offer consumers a user-friendly interface for easy navigation. Among the many different touch monitors out on the market today, the Elo line of touchmonitors stands out above the rest. The esteemed manufacturer posits that its touchmonitors are "designed for touch" - and rightly so; standard Elo touchmonitors contain all best-practice recognized features, such as digital on-screen display (OSD) controls; power management (Energy save mode, VESA/DPMS); and Plug and Play compatibility (VESA DDC1 and 2B compliant).
The most recent Elo line of touchhmonitors, the 1000 series, includes a plethora of topnotch touchmonitors - one of which is the Elo 1515L LCD Touchmonitor, which combines the elegance of an LCD display with the usefulness of a touchscreen. The high contrast color LCD display supports a resolution up to XGA 1024x768. Further, the display supports resolutions across the gamut as it is compatible with VGA, SVGA, XGA (non-interlaced) and most Macintosh compatible color video cards.

Meanwhile, this Elo 1515L LCD Touchmonitor offers AccuTouch, a five-wire resistive technology that is the most widely used touch technology for retail applications and is proven to weather the ups and downs of day-to-day operation, including splashing liquids, food, and grease. Customers who buy this product will be happy to have this durability, especially in restaurants or cafeterias. 

POSGlobal.com currently offers the Elo 1515L LCD Touchmonitor at just over $440 (with free shipping!) and provides a wide selection of touchmonitors for our customers' many needs. Elo TouchSystems has one of the largest and most diverse touchmonitor lines out on the market, and POSGlobal.com proudly showcases the Elo 1515L LCD Touchmonitor for its up-to-date touch technology and beautiful LCD display.

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